The best, budding startups
in Los Angeles.

Our Partners

Fae Map connects people and communities on a real-time social map.

Flux builds brands and businesses through high quality graphic design, creative digital marketing, and incredible user experiences.

La Visual is a digital agency specializing in brand development, user experience design and digital marketing strategy to help launch your brand.

Omaze is building a community that leverages the power of story and technology to transform lives.

Synkio simplifies the process of licensing songs for TV productions, films, advertisements, computer games, apps, YouTube videos and radio productions.

PlayFull is an app where you can play games and win food. We're expanding rapidly with Chipotle, Coffee Bean, and the best food brands in the world.

Tapblaze is a leading producer of mobile entertainment experiences for casual gamers. They’ve produced multiple hits on Android and continue to turn new ideas into creative content.

Puff Pack is a subscription service that sends you the smoking supplies you need at the most affordable price possible. Customize your pack however your like for the best experience.

Thor Trucks is developing electric freight-grade semi-trucks for use in business and enterprise with a focus on being environmentally, socially, and financially responsible throughout the process.

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